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Wrekin Products new Multi-Grate tackles the gully grate theft epidemic

Posted: Wednesday 15th May 2013

East Sussex County Council has reported over £25,000 of manhole covers and gully grates were stolen this winter. This news follows a survey by the Local Government Association in 2012 which found that the median amount of costs of these thefts to councils has risen by 26 per cent from 2009/10 to 2010/11. To combat the problem Wrekin Products, intelligent products for civil engineering, has launched Multi-Grate, an instant temporary fix for hazardous open gullys and broken grates.

Responding to gully grate theft often means several visits for maintenance crews to complete the installation of a replacement cover, leading to increased traffic disruption and extra cost.

Multi-Grate is designed to be fitted immediately by a maintenance crew on the first visit. Its robust design forms a secure temporary grate until a permanent replacement is installed. Multi-Grate is easily cut on site to fit the exact size of the gully using standard tools. Built in cutting guidelines ensure an accurate fit with most inspected gratings. Multi-Grate is lightweight and can be stored as part of a crew’s standard road maintenance equipment.

Multi-Grate also has a 25 tonne C250 loading class to cope with high intensity highways and is non-toxic, fully recyclable and importantly, has no scrap value.

Simon Turner, sales director of Wrekin Products says: “We are constantly working to develop new ways of tackling problems within civil engineering. Stolen gully grates are a serious problem for bodies responsible for roads and highways and we were approached by several Councils to develop a cost effective solution. Multi-Grate provides a high quality, safe and fast temporary fix to keep roads open until a permanent solution such our Anti-Theft Gully Grate can be installed.”

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