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Weidmüller accelerates work processes with "stripax®Ultimate" stripping tool

Posted: Friday 17th October 2014

Users of "stripax® Ultimate" and "AM 16" sheathing stripper can, for the first time, strip and dismantle halogen-free insulation materials and UL or UL-type cables with hard or smooth insulation quickly and easily. The new 3-stage partial stripping function of the "stripax® Ultimate" allows hard insulation materials to be perfectly prepped, even in small stripping lengths.

Halogen-free cable materials are becoming increasingly mandatory in the most diverse areas as they produce no corrosive or toxic gases in the event of fire. One example is wind turbines, where the wide temperature range of cables and individual wires from - 40 °C to + 145 °C results in increased processing complexity.

Indeed, these days, conductor insulation materials need to achieve a number of objectives. They have to be cost-effective, meet stringent safety standards and satisfy the trend towards application-specific cables and conductors. Whether in the control cabinet, machine and plant construction, railway and rail transport, wind turbines, robotics, Ex-protection or marine, offshore and shipbuilding - with "stripax® Ultimate" and "AM 16" Weidmüller provides a fast, clean and precision solution for all stripping issues.

The unique set of blades of "stripax® Ultimate" allows it to strip and cut practically all halogen-free insulation materials as well as UL and UL-type cables. You can process stranded and solid conductors from 0.14 mm² to 4 mm² (~AWG 26... 10) to a stripping length of 25 mm. Cables up to 6 mm2 in diameter can be cut with precision and ease. Weidmüller has designed the "stripax® Ultimate" as an automatic, i.e. self-adjusting stripping tool: the new 3-stage partial stripping function enables hard insulation materials to be perfectly prepped, even in small stripping lengths This helps to optimise the processing of 6 mm long copper wire-end ferrules.

The ergonomically designed, lightweight and compact tool (weighing 175 g and 190 mm long​) has a foldable protective cover for the blades. This prevents accidental cutting of conductors during the stripping process while ensuring safe and fast working. The unique partial stripping function prevents the splaying of individual conductors by leaving the trimmed insulation on the cable. This makes it easier to insert the conductor into wire-end ferules and other contacts being processed.

Other design features make the job easier and ensure a long tool life. For example, the clamping jaws open automatically after stripping. Blade replacement is quick and easy thanks to the removable jaws. And the wire stop mechanism and insulation thickness are easy to adjust by means of a slider. Even double-insulated cables can be processed in two operations without any special adjustment.

The Weidmüller "AM 16" sheathing stripper is used with insulated round cables (Ø 5 mm to 17 mm) and is equipped with stabilising cable management. The add-on cable manager provides a secure grip when working with very thin conductors. Even cables of 5 mm in diameter can be stripped without slipping. The "AM 16" is both compact and lightweight (weight 60 g, length 53 mm), which also makes it suitable for stripping cables located in cable conduits. The compact "AM 16" is designed for stripping cables with PVC, PU, PE, TPE and halogen-free LSZH insulation.

The "AM 16" has an impressively wide range of uses due to the fact that the cut depth can be precisely adjusted: this is achieved by means of a practical scale on the "AM 16". This allows insulation materials of all thickness, even extremely thin-walled cable sheathes, to be easily processed.

Users can strip insulation from any point of the cable. "AM 16" tools have a swivelling, high-quality blade for circular and longitudinal stripping. Grasping tips with an integrated cutting edge are used to break open the cut insulation. An adjustment screw can be used with a single hand movement for changing either the cut depth or the type of stripping (round or lengthwise).

In addition to stripping tools, the Weidmüller range includes tools for dismantling, cutting, crimping, screwing and testing. They all incorporate the latest technology and offer the ultimate in precision and productivity.

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