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Watts produces 1st EU-approved industrial check valve

Posted: Friday 19th January 2007

WATTS Industries has produced the first backflow protection valve that meets the stringent requirements of the new European standard EN 13959 for anti-pollution check valves up to 250mm in diameter.

The new standard became European legislation six months ago after seven years in development and demands the most rigorous testing process for check valves to-date. The Watts FC Check Valve is the only product on the market that complies with the regulations.

Until now, there has been no approved check valve that can be used for backflow protection on potable water systems above 50mm in diameter, leading to difficulties on larger installations where an anti-pollution valve is required. The industry has therefore been installing cast iron valves that would now be considered non-compliant and are significantly less failsafe than is necessary for anti-pollution commercial applications.

Thanks to its innovative design, the FC Check Valve will seal and hold at pressures of 500Pa (50mm column of water). This is significantly lower than has previously been possible, ensuring the utmost protection against backflow for the premises in which it is installed.

Single and double check valves provide protection for Category 2 and 3 backflow risks respectively, so typical applications for the FC Check Valve would be fire sprinkler systems where there is danger of stagnant water being drawn back into the main, or for boundary protection where an area requires isolation from the mains water, like an industrial laundry or hospital.

The FC Check Valve will also prove extremely significant should the IGN for boundary protection on every industrial location come into force an issue that is currently being investigated by the Water Industry.

For further information call Watts on +44 (0) 1386 446997 or visit

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