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Water – liquid gold or liquid waste?

Posted: Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Given the amount of rain we have seen recently in the UK and the large areas of land that have suffered severe flooding, it may be difficult to believe that only 2.75% of all the available water is fresh water that is fit for human consumption. Yet it was less than two years ago when we were all being threatened with hosepipe bans.

Such crazy weather extremes means being able to channel fresh water to where it is needed is becoming more of a challenge and by 2025 it is estimated that 65% of the world’s population will live in water stressed areas.

Even in areas such as in London, pipes are leaking 1,000 million litres of water per day (around 40% of the clean water supply). This means Londoners could face water shortages within 10 years. However, there are answers available to these problems and innovative companies like Grundfos have developed solutions such as Demand Driven Distribution that offers the technology to simply and significantly reduce these leaks.

This is coupled, with other new award winning technological breakthroughs, such as the Grundfos S-Tube. This new technology delivers a pump solution combining the attributes of high efficiency and low running costs for the very first time.

All this means that today Grundfos Pumps are not just a good alternative to the wider water industry, but are a real authority.

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