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Wallingford Software’s InfoWorks, FloodWorks and InfoNet V10.0 release incorporates new collapsing wall facility

Posted: Monday 3rd August 2009

Version 10.0 of InfoWorks, FloodWorks and InfoNet just released further underlines Wallingford Software’s acknowledged position as the pre-eminent modelling software developers for the water industry. A major addition to InfoWorks RS, CS and SD is the new collapsing wall functionality of the 2D engine. Initially developed to model cascades of falling dams V10.0 enables any type of barrier to collapse based on either; depth, water level, velocity or unit force criteria. A whole ‘wall’ or just segments can be collapsed. This new release incorporates considerable new enhancements and features that bring benefits by way of greater productivity, efficiency and performance.

Andrew Brown, Operations Director of Wallingford Software commented on the release of InfoWorks, InfoNet and FloodWorks V10.0: ‘This new release demonstrates our commitment to putting improved functionality at the fingertips of every user. Enhancements such as the addition of the Collapsing Wall facility further endorse InfoWorks as the most comprehensive tools for providing accurate 2D representations of the hydraulically significant processes associated with urban flooding. The V10.0 release has benefits ranging from major additions through to time saving details.’


V10.0 restores Water Quality Modelling to InfoWorks SD. Physical process models within this module include a surface pollutant build-up model, surface pollutant washoff model, gully pot model, wastewater profile generator, sediment transport model and an in-pipe water quality model. It also allows for user-defined pollutants, bed-load sediment fractions, and the modelling of bed-load movement separately from the suspended sediment movement.

InfoWorks CS

The introduction of a 64-bit platform for 2D models provides technical advances in terms of larger meshes and faster mesh processing speed. The new multi-core support in the 2D simulation engine shortens overall simulation times providing even greater efficiencies.

InfoWorks RS

It is now possible to resample a Ground Model in order to reduce spacing between vertices of a River Section node without the need to redraw the section along with a number of new facilities and enriched tools.

InfoWorks WS

Among many new highlights are improvements to the Critical Link Analysis (CLA) functionality. It is now possible to run a Critical Link Analysis to simulate the closure of a selection of multiple links at the same time.


There are numerous enhancements including several significant ones to Web Publishing. These include the ability to specify FTP Username and Password and the facility to publish "unbundled" web reports. Web reports were previously only available as HTML via the web server, using user-supplied stylesheets. Now users with an appropriate license can access the raw XML and image files directly.


Objects representing properties/customers were introduced for Collection Networks in InfoNet version 9.0. In this version these Property objects have also been added for Distribution Networks. In addition, Incident objects for both Collection and Distribution networks have been enhanced to allow their association with a Property object. Four new maintenance activity objects have been added for Distribution Networks. Enhancements have been made to manhole and manhole survey property sheets in relation to EU Standards. There have also been improvements to cost estimator functionality.

Common enhancements

InfoWorks, FloodWorks and InfoNet are now also supported in the following 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Although it remains a 32-bit application, one major advantage is that, for example, under Windows Vista 64-bit SP1, InfoWorks can have the full 4GB address space available, rather than the normal 2GB. This increase in available memory can result in significant improvements in process speed.

‘We continue to innovate to provide our many and varied customers with ever more value for money. Examples include our continued investment in InfoNet, our asset and data management system for water networks, supply, distribution, collection, sewers and storm water. This product can remove the need for costly bespoke systems and its continued improvement further supports this. Our development team have yet again worked hard to give our customers the finest tools with logical and improved interfaces, all working together for the most rounded modelling and management solution for the water industry.’ added Brown.

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