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UviLux Effluent Monitor for Sewage & Slurry Outflow Monitoring

Posted: Monday 14th May 2012

Chelsea Technologies Group is addressing the challenges of effective monitoring of rivers, estuaries and coastal regions against outflow events from Waste Water Treatment Works and Farm Slurry. These challenges have been driven by the EU Bathing Waters Directive, which will introduce new tighter regulation in 2015. In addition, Chelsea’s new in-situ sensors have direct applications within Waste Water Treatment Works, which can benefit from improved efficiencies in direct effluent monitoring.

The Chelsea UviLux Effluent fluorimeter enables in-situ real-time, reporting of levels of sewage and BOD within both natural water systems and water processing plants. By use of UV fluorescence, the UviLux Sewage Monitor detects protein which is inherent within sewage and slurry and provides a means of assessing concentrations of sewage and slurry in solution with unparalleled accuracy and resolution. The principle behind the measurement is based on fluorescence excitation of Tryptophan-like fluorescence, within the UV wavelength band. Use of such fluorescence provides signal detection far superior to absorption methods currently in use. Studies have shown that use of such fluorescence provides robust and repeatable measurements of sewage and slurry solutions, and correlates with both BOD and Bacterial Contamination.

The technology adopted is the same as implemented within the established Chelsea UviLux Hydrocarbon and CDOM fluorimeters. The UviLux provides the user with a flexible in-situ fluorimeter that can be deployed in many scenarios from portable systems for direct measurements in rivers, canals, lakes etc, to fixed and flow through configurations for use within Waste Water Treatment Works and other industrial processing plants.

The UviLux Effluent Monitor provides a cost effective solution to monitoring processes such as efficacy of both primary and secondary treatment systems, enabling potential savings in energy budgets. It can also take the role as a final sentry system at the outflow for discharging into sensitive water courses. In addition, the UviLux Effluent Monitor has also applications in locating cross-over of Grey Water and Black Water pipes and open water courses.

Justin Dunning will be chairing the forthcoming SWIG Workshop on Bathing Waters: Current and Future Environmental (18th April, NOC Southampton). The workshop will look at how monitoring authorities are addressing their obligations to meet the new EU Bathing Waters Directive and specifically the tools and strategies they are adopting. Use of existing sensors and sensors systems will be discussed, together with a future view as to what type of technology can be adopted to provide robust measurements.

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