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Up to 40% more biogas as new Cellruptor gives massive boost to the AD of sewage sludge

Posted: Tuesday 5th October 2010

Eco-Solids Internationalís new Cellruptor technology can enhance the anaerobic digestion (AD) of sewage sludge to generate a massive 25% to 40% extra gas.

A highly efficient and extremely cost-effective pre-treatment, Cellruptorís cell-disintegration technology utilises AD to dramatically improve the operational and process economic dynamics of treating sewage and wastewater sludges.

Cellruptorís simple process enhances the reduction of volatile solids to increase overall biogas generation, but without the large energy requirement and operational problems that can plague some ultrasonic or high shear technologies. And unlike some alternative technologies that require high pressures, skid-mounted Cellruptor only needs a maximum of 10bar.

Additional gas also means less digestate solids to be stored, moved and transported, with Cellruptor (which in some cases has a rapid payback of less than 24 months) improving the throughput of the treatment works and prolonging the life of capital equipment.

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