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Posted: Monday 7th October 2013

A proven and accredited epoxy coating system, Ultracoat from Fernco Environmental, has become the champion of the food and drink manufacturing industry, as it provides the ultimate in repair, rehabilitation and protection of grease traps, settlement tanks, manholes, and all other trade effluent chambers.

Due to the chemical composition of the trade effluent, chambers traditionally built with concrete and brick will become corroded over a period of time. Effluent may then leach out into the ground, and groundwater will also infiltrate into the drainage network. As a result, the structure may become unstable, maintenance becomes more expensive and the facility may experience downtime. Furthermore, environmental issues may become legal issues.

Thanks to the highly chemical resistant (pH 2-14) Ultracoat epoxy spray applied coating system, these structures can be efficiently repaired and permanently protected, extending their life by up to 50 years.

Graham Howard, Technical Sales Manager at Fernco Environmental comments: “Ultracoat has been used by the food and drink industry worldwide for over 20 years and having been applied to over 50,000 infrastructure projects, the system can still claim zero failures. In addition to its excellent chemical resistance, maintenance and cleaning schedules are reduced – virtually nothing sticks to it!”

Graham adds: “Ultracoat also delivers structural reinforcement, and provides excellent bonding adhesion to damp substrates – in all pull off tests, the substrate comes off with the coating.”

Containing no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and addressing many health and safety issues, Ultracoat is also particularly suitable for application in those corroded chambers and settlement tanks that are located underground or in confined spaces. To ensure the highest standards, Ultracoat is only used by licenced applicators who have completed Fernco Environmental’s rigorous training scheme.

Graham concludes: “The food industry faces ongoing pressure to cut costs and to reduce its environmental footprint from trade effluent. As many are being hit by increased effluent charges and carbon taxation, Ultracoat provides a cost-effective and permanent solution for all trade effluent chambers, avoiding the disruption of replacement. In terms of whole of life costs, it is reduced to a minimum.”

In addition to settlement tanks, Ultracoat is suitable for bunds, manholes, grease traps, reservoirs, tunnels and a whole host of other structures at risk from corrosion. Independently tested and approved according to a range of international standards, Ultracoat is an ideal solution for the permanent protection of chamber infrastructures.

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