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Posted: Thursday 13th February 2014

Liquids from pure water and high value chemicals to viscous fluids can be measured to a very high level of accuracy using the straightforward and very reliable U1000 Ultrasonic Flow Meter manufactured, by George Fischer.

This compact and easy to install device operates on the ‘time of flight’ principle with the two integral sensors sending and receiving ultrasonic waves. It then measures the speed of propagation of the waves and calculates the flow rate on a continuous basis. The mounting provisions for the U1000 make it easily adaptable to different diameters and types of pipework and it is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

It is important, though, for the device to be in close contact with the surface of the pipe – employing ultrasonic coupling grease - as any air gap would make measurement impossible. The installer must also ensure the meter is located on a straight section of pipe where the flow is uniform rather than distorted or turbulent. The meter itself presents a robust and high quality construction which offers an extended working life even in aggressive environments. Crucially, there is no need to cut the pipe during installation and there is no chance of contaminating pure or costly liquids. The U1000 will therefore find applications in the water, beverage, food processing and other industries as well as in various building services roles.

A spokesperson for George Fischer comments: “Developed primarily for plastic pipework systems, the U1000 Ultrasonic Flow Meter offers straightforward installation taking just a matter of minutes for reliable, maintenance free non-contact measurement. The sensors can be easily adapted to the pipe dimensions with the continuous measurement being based on the time-of-flight principle.”

The U1000 can be installed on pipe diameters from 25 to 115 mm and is able to measure flow rates from 0.1 to 10 metres per second. The model is suitable for use on a wide variety of pipe materials including PVC, ABS, PVDF. PE, PP and PB Instaflex, with an operating temperature from plus 50 degrees centigrade down to zero. Overall as a mid-priced flow measurement device, the U1000 offers an attractive combination of performance, accuracy and very low maintenance coupled with an impressive arrange of features such as clear display and a concise menu.

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