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Posted: Wednesday 19th December 2012

Bigger, stronger, longer are the watchwords describing the new GRUNDOWINCH 100tonne cable and pipe pulling twin capstan winch which is currently undergoing UK trials.

The twin capstan constant tension winch and attendant cable carrying winch weigh in at a massive 43 tonnes. GRUNDOWINCH and the cable carrying winches are both rubber track-mounted for rough terrain mobility and have front and rear stabilisers for winching stability.

For ease of manoeuvrability and accurate alignment, each unit has its own diesel engine 140 kW and 74 kW respectively, both fitted with independent remote controls.

The separate cable winch enables 1,500m of steel winch pulling cable of 52mm diameter to be deployed, extending the GRUNDOWINCH’S capability for many varied increased pipe diameter and cable installations over even longer distances.

A special feature of all GRUNDOWINCH models is that irrespective of the line pull exerted, the rope is re-wound with moderate take-up tension onto the rope storage drum which is driven by a separate hydraulic motor. The rope is precisely layered on the drum by an automatic spooling mechanism. The take-up tension is about 3% of the line pull, which prevents undue chafing and excessive wear of the rope on the capstan drums.

An ergonomically designed control cabin houses all the winching controls – line speed, tonnage, etc, together with a datalogger/printer for accurate recording of installed pipe and cable data. Heating and CD radio assist with the GRUNDOWINCH operator’s comfort. In addition, a rear-view camera mounted in the cabin gives added confidence to the operator when the cable carrying winch continues to operate automatically and in synchronisation with the twin capstan winch.

For some trenchless technology underground pipe renewal jobs a deflection boom will be required. Such a boom can be ordered as an extra accessory.

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