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Tough jobs require tough pumps from Flygt

Posted: Tuesday 7th March 2006

ITT Flygt’s next generation slurry pumps have given one of the largest and best equipped stone-working plants in Europe a cost-effective and reliable alternative to long shaft slurry pumps.

Johnson’s Wellfield Quarries Ltd is situated on the outskirts of Huddersfield and produces over 60,000 metres squared of dimensional York stone per annum.

The company decided to change the holding sump pumps it had to heavy duty slurry pumps due to a change in the slurry handling process. Its quarried York stone is cut on site and the resultant stone slurry from the cutting processes had traditionally been pumped into old quarry workings, where the slurry settled out and the water was returned to the plant. However the process changed with the resultant stone slurry entering gravity channels and flowing into holding sumps prior to being pumped by vertical long shaft slurry pumps, to a final holding sump, and then pumped to a silo, where the settled slurry goes to a filter press, and the fresh water decants from the top of the silo.

Due to the abrasion from the sandstone slurry, Johnson’s needed a heavy duty slurry pump which offered reliability and minimum downtime to meet the six day, 24 hours a day stone cutting operation.

Mike Stevenson, field sales engineer, for Flygt’s Construction & Mining division, comments, “After an evaluation of the application, we put forward our next generation 5150 slurry range. The 5150 range has a slim, robust design, and is easy to install and service, which in turn reduces investment and maintenance costs. To ensure total reliable operation and a long working life all wear parts are manufactured in high chrome and the 'swept back' designed impellers are especially hardened for maximum wear resistance.

“Other innovative features include new class H motors, integral cooling system, independent inspection chamber with built in sensor, 'plug-in' seal arrangement, pressure isolation zone and 'spin-out' seal protection. An HS 5150 432 30kw pump was chosen for the job, and has operated trouble free since its installation, running via an inverter drive.

“Johnson’s found its vertical long shaft slurry pumps suffered periodically from shaft and keyway problems, and required regular maintenance and repair. Because as a company it is constantly looking at lowering costly production downtime, and maintenance costs, Johnson’s decided that Flygt’s submersible slurry pump technology would give them a cost effective and reliable alternative to long shaft slurry pumps.

“Since the initial installation we have been successful in supplying two additional HS 5150 432 30kw slurry pumps. Johnson’s has standardised on the model and impeller to give the company a high degree of interchangability around the plant, especially when inverter drive could be used to optimise pumping cycles, where different sump inflow rates exist.”

For further information contact:

Joanne Houghton

ITT Flygt Ltd

Tel: 0115 940 0111
Fax: 0115 940 0444

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