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Touch the Future with New MicroCorr Touch Correlator from HWM

Posted: Friday 20th April 2012

The MicroCorr Touch from HWM is the world’s first standalone water leak noise correlator to feature a high visibility colour touchscreen, and it now features the unique Automated Filtering Intelligence System (AFIS) software to make accurate leak pinpointing quicker, easier and more accurate than ever.

Like most traditional correlators, the MicroCorr Touch provides default filter settings for a wide range of different pipe materials and sizes. However, due to the number of unknown variables that can change the frequency of leak noise, default filter settings can never be optimised for every leak situation. Experienced users can manually change the filter settings to find the leak, but this is often a time consuming process involving multiple correlations. Even then it can be ‘hit or miss’ to successfully locate the leak. With AFIS, the MicroCorr Touch effectively builds an expert user into the unit.

AFIS works by automatically applying multiple filter settings to determine the best possible correlation result every time. The system runs 55 different filter combinations on the correlation data, checking the quality of the result and optimising the filter settings as required, until the clearest and most accurate result can be presented. Working on live or pre-recorded data, tests have shown AFIS to significantly improve leak pinpointing on almost any pipe – effectively making manual filter setting a thing of the past.

In addition to this advanced software, HWM has incorporated the latest technological developments into the MicroCorr Touch’s hardware: best-in-class sensors, the VGA touchscreen, and an innovative carrying case that can charge the components from a mains or vehicle connection.

Specially developed by HWM for the new correlator, the new accelerometer sensors offer unparalleled sensitivity in the marketplace. In a recent project in Shandong, China, the local water company had visibly identified a leak presence, but correlators from three different companies were unable to even detect a leak signal – let alone pinpoint where it was on the pipe. When the MicroCorr Touch was deployed it immediately identified the leak and then determined its position to within 0.1m, confirmed by ground microphone and subsequent excavation.

The full colour touchscreen makes entering data incredibly easy, with an intuitive menu system quickly guiding operators step-by-step through the correlation process. By maximising the screen space without the need for button controls, viewing results and analysing the data is also easier and clearer than on traditional units. A high contrast mode for increased clarity in bright sunlight has also been built in, and the on-screen controls designed and tested for use with gloves, ensuring that the MicroCorr Touch retains its usability and functionality in all weather conditions.

The compact, purpose-designed charging case not only carries and protects all components, but also enables the base station and outstations to be charged from the mains or a vehicle via a single power lead. The charging status of each component is displayed on a panel inside the case, and units can be stowed with the sensors still connected. This means that a leak finding team can simply stow the kit safely in the case between jobs for it to be charged and ready for immediate deployment upon arrival.

MicroCorr Touch has been designed from the ground up by experts in both the technology and its application in the field. The result is a correlator that combines cutting edge design and highly innovative functionality to deliver outstanding results with the minimum amount of effort required from the operator.

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