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Top-entry mixers in Anoxic Zones will make massive energy savings – say Chemineer

Posted: Thursday 26th February 2009

According to mixing specialists Chemineer, the pressure on the water industry to reduce spiralling energy costs could see a major switch to Top-Entry Mixers, which are cutting bills by up to a staggering 85% compared to submersible mixers.

Head-to-head, Chemineer’s SC3 Impeller uses just 1.44 w/m3, whilst a submersible mixer will require 10.2 w/m3 to achieve the required velocity profile in the tank base.

Neil Cathie, Sales Manager at Chemineer, commented: “With the size and significantly large quantity of mixers involved in Anoxic Zone applications, overall savings for water companies and their contractors are huge. They just cannot be ignored”.

With their slow-speed yet highly efficient impellers, Chemineer claim that its Top-Entry Mixers will also provide a better flow pattern, and increased flow velocities in the base of the tank.

Cathie added: “We can demonstrate from a recent installation at one of the UK’s main water companies, that energy savings alone from specifying Top-Entry Mixers over Submersibles, are astounding. The numbers speak for themselves – even without including the massive reduction in maintenance and downtime from equipment that also offers far superior whole life costs”.

Example of typical site:

Total volume of tanks 2861 m3

Energy consumption of Submersible Mixer

2861 m3 x 10.2 w/m3 @ 0.05 £/kW hr = £ 12,781 PA

Energy Consumption of Chemineer Top-Entry Mixer

2861 m3 x 1.44 w/m3 @ 0.05 £/kW hr = £ 1,804 PA.
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