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Posted: Wednesday 26th June 2013

Where water is present microorganisms are sure to follow! Achieve confidence in your microbiological control program with LuminUltra.

Whether you goal is to achieve enhanced distribution system monitoring, optimize flush cycles, quantify biomass in biologically active filters, or assess fouling within membranes, LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP test kits offer proven solutions. Our test kits are fast, portable, and complete providing results within minutes of sampling so that processes can be optimized accordingly. Each test takes less than five minutes to perform and captures 100% of microorganisms present allowing you to detect and troubleshoot issues on-the-spot. Since all species are detected (including non-culturable species such as nitrifiers, protozoa, SRB, etc.), no threat goes unnoticed.

Included in LuminUltra’s robust portfolio of water quality monitoring tools are the PhotonMasterTM luminometer and LumiCalcTM software. The PhotonMaster is a USB-powered instrument that guarantees maximum performance in the field or in the lab. Once data is collected, LumiCalc’s collaborative analytical tools handle data interpretation with ease to reveal trends immediately. Save time, money, and reduce operating costs with LuminUltra’s all-inclusive solution.

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