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Posted: Friday 23rd July 2010

Weidmüller's family of terminal blocks 'PTL 6/10', 'PSI6/10' and 'PDU 6/10 4AN' – terminal blocks with 'PUSH IN' connection technology for power transmission and power distribution applications. – Interesting addition to spring loaded terminals. – 'PUSH IN' terminal blocks for hook-type cable lugs.

Weidmüller developed its new terminal blocks with 'PUSH IN' connection technology: the 'test-disconnect terminal PTL 6/10', the 'fuse terminal PSI 6/10' and the 'feed-through terminal PDU 6/10 4AN' specifically for power transmission and power distribution applications. They represent an interesting addition to the 'spring loaded' terminals deployed in these fields. Hook-type cable lugs to ESI 50-18 Part 2 utilised in both connectivity technologies. When inserting the hook-type cable lug into the 'PUSH IN' connection the installer receives an acoustic feedback signal in the form of an audible 'click' to confirm the conductor connection has been performed correctly. The '6/10 mm2 PUSH IN' terminals have a compact design width of just 8 mm and reduce installation times considerably.

Distinguished by an all-round cost-effective concept Weidmüller has established a generation of terminals on the market in the form of its P-Series. 'PUSH IN' connection technology and a resolute reduction in variants based on its '3-pitch principle' are the cornerstone of this concept. Than means: wiring up to 16 mm2 can be efficiently carried out utilising just three terminal blocks. Until now users required five terminals – in other words more variants and more part numbers. A reduction in variants guarantees an efficient and cost-effective logistics and procurement management along with the corresponding reduction in costs.

Boasting four connections the PDU 6/10 4AN terminals round off the programme of 10 mm2 ‘PUSH IN' feed-through terminals. Users can now choose between variants with two, three or four connections. Further innovations with 'PUSH IN' connection technology include the fuse terminal PSI 6/10 as well as the test-disconnect terminals PTL 6/10 and PTD 6/10. The fuse terminal accommodates '5 x 20' cartridge fuses. It has been designed to ensure installers can intuitively fit and replace the fuse. Together with the PDU 2.5/4 feed-through terminal the fuse terminal can be utilised to provide a versatile power distribution solution.

Quick and precise safe isolation of circuits can be achieved utilising the test-disconnect terminal PTL 6/10. The slide link utilised in the terminal has proven its worth over many years of reliable use. Compelling features include low contact resistance and prevention of accidental power feed through.

All of Weidmüller's P-Series family: 'test-disconnect', 'fuse' and 'feed-through' terminals are equipped with the 'PUSH IN' contact system. When utilising this system solid or finely stranded conductors, stripped of insulation and with crimped-on ferrules are simply inserted into the terminal point – job done! No tools are required to make the connection. The integrated mechanical and electrical functions of Weidmüller's 'PUSH IN' connection system are resolutely kept separate from one another. This design principle achieves high rating data and greater conductor retention forces. The new 'PUSH IN' terminals can accommodate the following conductor sizes and cross-sections: solid core conductors from 1.5 to 6 mm2, flexible and stranded conductors from 1.5 to 10 mm2 and flexible conductors with ferrules from 1.5 to 6 mm2.

The new terminal blocks with 'PUSH IN' connection technology are made of the highly-resistant insulating material WEMID – this is a special thermoplastic from Weidmüller that in comparison with polyamide PA 66 offers an enhanced continuous operating temperature of 120 °C (PA 66: 100°C). At the same time it exhibits improved fire resistance qualities (flammability class V0 (PA 66: V2) in accordance with UL 94.

Users can take advantage of Weidmüller's diverse programme of accessories to harmonise the 'test-disconnect terminal PTL 6/10', 'fuse terminal PSI 6/10' and 'feed-through terminal PDU 6/10 4AN'to achieve the best possible solution for their application. The terminals are also designed to accommodate unambiguous and clearly visible markings for rapid identification of electrical equipment. That simplifies service and maintenance tasks as well as successful troubleshooting.

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