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Temperature Data Loggers, Deployed in Arctic Glacial River Basin, help Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change

Posted: Friday 4th March 2011

Currently, over 20 Tinytag data loggers are located 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle as part of a research project to study river basin water temperature dynamics, within the wider context of understanding the impacts of climate change on Arctic river basin hydrology and ecology.

Dr David M. Hannah at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham (UK), is one the leading authorities on hydroclimatology; a scientific discipline which seeks to understand the relationship between climate and surface waters (including rivers, and water stored as snow and ice). This ongoing research in Swedish Lapland is in collaboration with Dr Alexander Milner and Mr Chris Mellor (also at University of Birmingham, UK). In a new project, Drs Hannah and Milner will deploy Tinytag data loggers in rivers in Svalbard: an area covering 63 000 and made up of a group of islands between 74 - 81 N and 10 - 35 E; 60% of which is covered by glacier.

Knowledge of river thermal dynamics has focussed on glacierised basins, due to the high sensitivity of these systems to climatic change and variability. In a complex field, Tinytag data loggers offer simple but highly effective monitoring technology.

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