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Temp or Perm – its high performance from Ovivo’s Copa SAF

Posted: Thursday 9th February 2012

Designed for a population equivalent of up to 3,000, Ovivo’s Copa® SAF (Submerged Aerated Filter) is a high performance, low-energy biological filter that achieves an extremely high final effluent quality for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater.

Suitably flexible for installation as a permanent or temporary solution, or as part of a planned works maintenance program, the Copa® SAF wastewater treatment system can achieve an effluent quality of 15mg:25mg:5mg BOD:SS:NH4.

Copa® SAF tanks and pipework are manufactured in either stainless steel or mild steel, with tanks painted in a high quality polyurethane coating to extend the design life and dramatically reduce whole life costs. Ovivo also has the in-house capability to go beyond standard SAF designs so that specific site and transportation requirements can be met.

Installing the SAF tank above ground reduces installation time and civil costs, whilst also allowing units to be moved easily for temporary and semi-permanent schemes. To reduce the visual impact on sensitive areas, the Copa® SAF system can also be installed either partially or completely below ground. Diffusers can be removed without interrupting the flow, and as no sludge removal is required, operation and maintenance costs are minimized.

The Copa® SAF system includes treatment cells that house fine bubble membrane diffusers, mounted below rigid PVC media. The diffusers provide air to keep the treatment system healthy and to air scour the media, releasing dead biomass and eliminating the need for backwashing. Low maintenance side-channel blowers supply the diffusers with air, whilst diaphragm valves ensure that only the required quantity of air is provided for biological treatment and continuous air scouring of excess or dead biomass accumulating on the media.

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