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Syrinix launches TransientMinder, a new monitoring system for all pipe sizes and materials

Posted: Monday 29th July 2013

Following the successful commercial launch and implementation of TrunkMinder, the real-time monitoring device for trunk mains and other large pipes, Syrinix is proud to present TransientMinder, a revolutionary new monitoring system, offering unique and advanced analysis of pressure transients. TransientMinder provides real-time pressure monitoring and transient detection to pipes of all sizes and materials, at a highly competitive price.

TransientMinder detects a transient at the pressure measurement point immediately, and notifies the customer that this transient has been detected in real time through a web-based graphical display. TransientMinder can be used to track transients through a network using a swarm of devices, and indicate the likely source of the transient using event data and knowledge of the network.

TransientMinder samples data at a higher rate than other devices, allowing it to plot the actual transient excursion far more accurately, whilst weeding out irrelevant data. The technology used to monitor the pipes is based on Syrinix’s work with TrunkMinder, and is significantly more efficient than older systems.

James Dunning, Chief Executive of Syrinix, commented:
“As part of Syrinix’s ambition to be a market leader in automated pipeline monitoring solutions, we are delighted to be bringing TransientMinder to market. Pressure transients are a major issue for many utilities causing discolouration and bursts that often go unexplained. With TransientMinder utilities will have the knowledge to identify those causes and mitigate them, saving money and improving services as a result”.

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