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Superior Control with New Main Reservoir Level Float Valve

Posted: Tuesday 25th June 2013

IVL Flow Control has introduced a new range of main reservoir level control valves that provide superior level control to traditional float valves.

Benefitting from a perfectly balanced single seat, the IVL Flow Control Level Float Valve (LFV) utilises upstream pressure. This acts both on the lower part of the piston and the upper part of the plug, yielding two forces equal in magnitude but in opposite directions, which therefore compensate each other.

The valve is only driven by the movement of the float, which thanks to the double rods lever mechanism, leads the main shaft. Internal cross sections achieve a reduced passage to allow discharge of large volumes of water – but without any sudden drop in pressure. This reduces cavitation effects and facilitates the opening/closing of the valve itself.

Designed for float valve sizes from 40mm to 300mm, IVL Flow Control’s new main reservoir level control valves can withstand inlet pressures of up to 8 Bar in flow conditions, without the need for additional pressure reduction. Transient effects are also avoided by the progressive movement of the plug during opening and closing.

Due to the engineering advances designed within the valve’s control mechanism, the IVL Flow Control LFV provides a far superior life span than the standard ball valve.

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