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S-tube cleared for take-off at Heathrow

Posted: Thursday 20th November 2014

Heathrow Airport has seen dramatic changes, from humble beginnings in 1930, to the present day.

The infrastructure to support such a complex transport hub has also undergone some significant changes.

Grundfos Pumps approached Heathrow to act as a test site. The Grundfos S-tube is based on completely new technology that offers a solution that combines high efficiency with low running costs. The benefits of the new tube shaped impeller means there are no dead zones and no cutting or moving parts that can wear out over time, meaning the Grundfos S-tube delivers: world class hydraulic efficiency, spherical passage up to 160mm, and a simple, robust design that results in longer life and lower maintenance costs.

All these attributes are clearly demonstrated by the recent Heathrow Airport case study: The S-tube was installed in the main Central Terminal Foul Water Pumping Station at Heathrow Airport. It was on trial for a full calendar year and had amassed a total of 491 running hours.

During the trial period, the pump experienced a total of zero blockages and zero failures. The flow rate and power consumption remained the same from first install date until final trial day. The power consumption has remained below that stated on the plate and been consistent over the trial period. The pump has also operated without a cooling jacket, keeping weight down with no adverse effects.

The smaller motor, coupled with the new impeller, has given a “wire to water” ratio that is at least comparable, if not better, than the original equipment. This has led to increased efficiency of the station.

The clients final summary stated “The S-tube has performed well and has shown that it is a serious contender in the wastewater pump market”. Such results speak for themselves.

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