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Posted: Tuesday 20th August 2013

With climate change increasing the frequency of storm events, health and safety legislation resulting in higher costs for manual cleaning methods, there is a demand, particularly from water utility operators, for an effective way to thoroughly clean storm tanks in an automated way. Generally, storm overfill tanks are cleaned manually where someone with a pressure washer would enter the tank to perform regular cleaning as part of tank maintenance. However, this is a labour intensive process and it also raises safety issues.

A solution has now been developed by spray nozzle specialists BETE Ltd with the introduction of their HydroWhirl Storm blaster an automated storm tank and screen cleaning system. This system will be particularly appreciated by water utility operators where storm tank cleaning and screening can often be an expensive, labour intensive process.

The Storm Blaster can be configured to deliver high-impact cleaning to between 80 and 180 downward spray pattern. This and the combination of its twin head, 8 nozzle design, results in powerful cleaning to storm tanks up to 20 metres in diameter with a cleaning cycle of under 10 minutes. The 4 nozzle variant can clean tanks up to 30 metres in diameter with cycle times as low as 15 minutes.

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