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Stopper Specialists hold back the Water

Posted: Tuesday 27th August 2013

Groundforce’s Stopper Specialists division has introduced another new innovative product called Water Barrier, a unique, lightweight and easily deployed water barrier system.

New to the UK and available for hire or sale, this new system can be used in a multitude of applications, whenever a rapid water prevention system is needed - from diverting flood water, to use in pollution control and chemical spills.

Water Barrier’s design is unique in the way that once it is in position, it self deploys and uses the weight of the water to actually hold the flood water back. The water then lifts the top of the barrier and weighs the base down to form a seal. This intelligently designed, self-opening method reduces the time, effort and number of people required to deploy the system, making it a truly rapid flood or water diversion barrier.

Made from a high quality PVC, it is extremely resistant to abrasion and wear and comes in range of sizes, from 38cm height x 7.6m length up to 198cm height x 15.2m length. Because it doesn’t require hard standing ground it can be adapted for use on any surface, from ditches to pavements and stairs.

As well as providing effective flood prevention, it can also be used to control ground and river pollution incidents, taking only minutes to deploy and it is ideal for containing oil or chemical spills on the ground. The barrier can be put in place, even after the pollution has already started. Whatever the pollutant’s speed, viscosity or density, Water Barrier’s dam can contain the spillage. The integrated weights prevent any of the chemical spillage from seeping under the dam, and the barrier is designed so that the actual spillage applies pressure to the barrier base ensuring unrivalled performance.

For use in containing river pollutions, the barrier sizes have been designed to suit most watercourses. This system works in clearing oil spills from watercourses, because the water sinks to the bottom of the barrier. The oil is then diverted off from the surface using the overflow device to collect the oil, leaving the water clean. The barrier can be bent at any desired point, in any direction with extreme flexibility, allowing the spillage to be contained or diverted to a specific location.

As the barriers are modular they can be connected to each other without loss of performance, with combinations available to suit any situation. The barriers have a chemical resistance up to 12 hours for most inorganic acids, bases, hydrocarbons, polar solvents, and other solvents. The materials are also designed to withstand temperatures of between -40°C up to 50°C making them usable in all climates.

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