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Posted: Friday 18th March 2011

A Solihull based company, KONSERVE Limited has Launched The DRAINWAVE™ an in-line flushing device which provides the opportunity for House Builders, Housing Associations, ALO’s, Local Authorities, Commercial Developers and Water Companies to maximise water savings without the problems of Blocked or Dry Drains which are normally caused by reducing the volume of water going into the drainage system.

Managing Director, Martin O’ Donnell, says with a 15 Year Manufacturers Guarantee, DRAINWAVE™ is designed to minimise the risk of blockages that are caused by the use of low flow toilets, water saving showerheads and taps. “By collecting and combining Blackwater and Greywater, and releasing it in batches, DRAINWAVE™ provides toilet waste with a minimum of 9.5 litres of accompanying water,” Martin said.

“DRAINWAVE is an innovative device that collects waste water from building use (basins, washing machines, showers) and combines this with water from the toilet to increase the flush volume down sewage pipes. The DRAINWAVE™ stores the water temporarily and once it has reached a predetermined capacity (9.5 litres) automatically tips, which sends the water surging through the pipes. The device is stored underground near the building and contains only one moving part, so it requires little or no maintenance.”

“Located underground outside a building, DRAINWAVE™ is easy to install,can be retrofitted, does not require any power and consists of only one moving part.”

A recent study by the UK’s Environment Agency recommends that, for new buildings, a revision of existing drainage design standards be undertaken to accommodate planned reductions in water demand. These alterations could include the use of smaller diameter pipes with steeper gradients.

Reflux valves are common products to help prevent property flooding. The valve prevents water backing up the pipe from downstream. Reflux valves are however causing blockages upstream of where they are installed. Waste water from private and commercial buildings which contains solids is prevented from passing through the flapvalve due to low flows and low water velocities. The configuration of the Drainwave will ensure reflux valves stop back flooding while the Drainwave will prevent upstream blockages. The WRc Water Research Council now recommends that a Drainwave be installed in conjunction with a reflux valve to stop flooding. See the DRAINWAVE at Ecobuild Green Shoots Stand GS37

The DRAINWAVE ™is now available from Builders Merchants, Travis Perkins, PTS Plumbing Trade Supplies, and City Plumbing.

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