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Posted: Thursday 3rd March 2011

Nuisance odours can turn into life-threatening hazards, particularly where substances such as hydrogen sulphide and ammonia are involved. Ideal for use in the waste and water industry and offering a low cost of ownership, the Draeger ChemLogic range of colorimetric gas detection systems is designed to detect low levels of toxic and corrosive gases at the odour stage. Detecting in parts per billion (ppb), these continuous monitoring systems also require no calibration.

Featuring built-in data logging to record concentrations over time, they are ideal for perimeter monitoring applications and can also be used to predict breakdowns or to identify reduced efficiency in stack scrubber applications for example.

Hydrogen sulphide, for example, is as poisonous as hydrogen cyanide and often found in sewers and where organic matter is purifying. Although it has a pungent odour there is a rapid accommodation to its smell which significantly increases the danger of exposure. The ChemLogic is able to monitor H2S in ppb, well before it causes headache, vertigo or collapse and eliminating the immediately lethal effects of exposure to high concentrations.

Featuring advanced optic technology, the ChemLogic Series forms part of a new generation of interference-free, low maintenance, continuous monitors. Offering more flexibility in use than previous systems, it provides increased measurement security via fibre optics.

The ChemLogic 1 is a single-point detector. For those applications requiring greater monitoring capability, the ChemLogic 8 has eight detection points and an optimised flow that is able to draw samples twice as fast as other multi-point systems at 250-300ft 2.5 LPM.

The use of fibre optics enables improved focus and direction of light as well as a better signal to noise ratio. In addition, by removing the use of O-rings, the system ensures a cleaner interface between the optic, sample stream and tape.

Innovative in design and including a new “reference” LED, the ChemLogic is able to reduce maintenance time by automatically adjusting the LED brightness. It can also help to avoid costly false alarms by sensing LED intensity shifts. A new TRI-coloured LED (RGB) has also been incorporated to provide the greater optical flexibility and colour spectrum requirements needed for different colorimetric reactions.

Another innovation is the “tape saver mode”. When a gas reaches a selected concentration, the system will automatically take and hold one reading, waiting a user determined time before taking another reading (<50 minutes). Benefiting from a 2-month tape cassette (optional 4-months with the Chem Logic 8) and the system’s ability to use tape more efficiently, it has also greatly reduced both the tape replacement intervals and operating costs.

Versatile in use, the alarm levels, ranges and gases are all user selected, and each of the outputs are easily tested. With built-in compact flash card technology and data logging capabilities, the ChemLogic 1 provides an integral log of event history. The ChemLogic 8 features a main analysis screen showing all 8 points at any one time to identify concentration, point status and gas type. The event history automatically creates a back-up data file which can be viewed on screen or downloaded to an Excel compatible file.

Universal Interface

Supplied with both relay and universal 4-20mA outputs, the ChemLogic can be connected to any 4-20mA control system such as the Draeger REGARD. For ease of use it has also been designed to directly replace previous or obsolete models by utilising the same outputs, all terminated within a stardardised harness connector. Options such as Ethernet, Device Net, Profibus and Modbus are also available to allow further network flexibility.

Draeger Fire and Gas Detection Systems offers products, services and system solutions for all encompassing toxic, flammable and oxygen detection, flame detection and design, build, commission and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems for protection of personnel and assets.

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