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Posted: Wednesday 21st August 2013

“If a picture paints 1000 words…then a one minute internet video, at 27 frames per second paints about double the complete works of Shakespeare”.

This evocative statement, the first part of which is widely attributed to Frederick R. Bernard in the early 20th century, has been given a modern twist to illustrate the power of the moving image. It’s not intended to offend the great William Shakespeare, but rather to emphasize the point that video can demonstrate action much more effectively than still images or words alone. Seeing a product or component in action helps engineers to focus on the correct product far more quickly than pouring over charts and pictures in a data sheet. Even well drawn technical diagrams can often fail to convey how a product will actually work in the field and this is particularly true of fluid handling components like spray nozzles.

Nozzle and spraying specialist BETE Ltd sell nozzles of all shapes and sizes with a catalogue featuring around 30,000 standard products with different flow rates, spray angles, pattern types and levels of atomisation. An engineer approaching a particular spray application problem may well have in their mind a picture of the type of spray they need but translating that picture to the correct product can be time consuming and confusing. Even with static pictures of various nozzles in action it can be tricky to select the best product for the application. Video offers an extremely effective way of demonstrating how different nozzles look when spraying at different pressures.

BETE Ltd has a long-established YouTube channel with various different spray pattern videos and recently the video content has been significantly enhanced.

The content is easily downloadable and linkable allowing engineers to be able to share it with colleagues or other members of the buying and specifying team. Having this video content directly on our own website also helps to avoid the frustration experienced by some customers who have to content with YouTube being blocked by corporate internet policies and protocols.

The new video content is organised into sub-libraries by spray pattern type and can be viewed at

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