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Speed up Sample Preparation Time for IC with Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration

Posted: Thursday 14th May 2009

With unique and patented techniques for Ion Chromatography (IC), Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) allows for full automation speeding up sample preparation to free the end user to concentrate on other analytical tasks.

Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration is recommended for use on light to moderately loaded samples (water samples, waste extracts, digestion solutions etc) and automates the previously manual step of sample filtration prior to IC analysis. In IC it is always recommended filter the sample before injection to prevent very small particles from entering the separating system causing problems later - the separation column is the major consumable item with Metrohm IC and it pays to protect that investment especially as the country is in the midst of an economic downturn. Normally membrane filters with pore sizes of 0.45 Ám or less are used for sample filtration but these are relatively expensive and physically require a person to push the sample through the syringe which can be time consuming for high throughput systems. Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration uses standard low cost 47mm diameter membranes (0.2 Ám pore size) and the whole procedure is automated once the sample is introduced onto the auto sampler (sample processor) carousel. The Ultrafiltration cell is mounted directly onto the Metrohm Sample Processors and the bidirectional dual channel peristaltic pump transfers the sample through the Ultrafiltration cell and to the IC system. The sample is continuously delivered at a high flow rate that delays the formation of a filter cake and increases the working life of the membrane. Cross contamination is kept below 0.1%. Inline Ultrafiltration can be added to any Metrohm IC system (with the exception of the 792 Basic IC) and it is also possible to configure Ultrafiltration with third party instruments.

To learn more about the Inline Ultrafiltration and how Metrohm can save you time and labour time then please contact the IC Competence Centre on 01280 824824 or, where we will be delighted to provide further information.

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