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Smith Flow Control Easi-Drive Provides Emergency Portable Valve Operation

Posted: Thursday 25th February 2010

Wastewater treatment plant can operate valves in event of power outage.

The Easi-Drive portable valve actuator from Smith Flow Control provides wastewater treatment plants with emergency operation of valves in the event of a power failure. Easi-Drive can open or close electric actuated valves during a power outage to protect against overflows. In the event of an outage, an operator can use Easi-Drive powered by an electric generator to make the required valve movements until power is restored.

Easi-Drive is a fully portable, lightweight and adaptable tool available in electric, pneumatic and battery powered modes. Suitable for all hazardous areas, Easi-Drive reduces work crew tasks down to one-man operation and eliminates operator fatigue and risk of injury .The tool’s reaction device protects the operator from the “kick” normally associated with a torque wrench. Easi-Drive also features a variable output torque adjustment, available in various sizes of maximum output from 350 to 8,500 foot pounds. Unlike an impact wrench, which could damage a valve, the Easi-Drive is a continuous drive system.

Smith Flow Control (SFC) was established in 1985 to provide engineered safety systems for hazardous valve operations. Most offshore installations in the North Sea have been equipped with SFC systems as well as the majority of related onshore processing facilities throughout Europe. By 1990 SFC became the generic term for key interlock safety systems in the international Oil & Gas industry and its client base now includes most of the major operating companies across all five continents. For over 20 years, Smith Flow control has never failed to provide a viable technical solution to a client’s safety operating problem.

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