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Siltbuster Launches New Mobile Sweeper Tip

Posted: Tuesday 9th January 2018

Siltbuster has developed a new system for dewatering sweeper waste on construction sites. Using a three-stage process, the Sweeper Tip separates solid waste from the water, which is then treated to such a high standard that it can be discharged to a sewer. As a result, there is no need for sweepers to make multiple journeys offsite to be emptied, delivering time and cost savings for contractors.

Traditionally, road sweepers carrying full loads of waste have to drive to a licenced treatment facility to be emptied. On most sites this leads to sweepers spending a disproportionate amount of time travelling to and from a site, rather than actually doing the job they are there for. Not only is this inefficient in terms of time, but it is also expensive. This inefficiency is magnified on airport projects, where sweepers have to spend additional time clearing the airside secure zone during every trip.

Recognising this inefficiency, Siltbuster developed its Sweeper Tip to enable contractors to solve the problem of disposing of sweeper waste. Using a three-stage process, the waste is first tipped directly from the sweeper into a specially adapted hooklift unit, where the coarse solids are separated out of suspension and the supernatant water is pumped off for further treatment.

The water recovered from the first hooklift unit is then chemically treated to encourage the finer solids to form larger more easily separated particles. These are separated by pumping the water at low pressure through one of Siltbuster's Siltstoppa geotextile dewatering bags, trapping the remaining solids inside. The treated water produced by the system is clean enough to be discharged to the sewer without further treatment, while the retained solids further drain prior to disposal.

By housing the Siltstoppa bag in a second hooklift, both containers can simply be picked up and taken offsite to a recycling facility for recovery of the captured solids, creating a cost-effective option for contractors.

Dr Richard Coulton, CEO at Siltbuster, comments: "We pride ourselves on creating bespoke systems that are designed with a specific purpose in mind. The mobile Siltbuster Sweeper Tip not only provides an effective removal of all waste materials, it also reduces the number of lorry movements to and from the licenced facilities, saving both time and money.

"By using the Siltbuster sweeper system, our clients are also able to monitor and measure the exact amount of waste being collected and disposed of. This information is crucial for future audits."

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