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Siltbuster and Aquajet launch hydrodemolition water treatment system

Posted: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Two leaders in their fields, Siltbuster and Aquajet, have collaborated to develop a state-of-the-art system to treat the highly toxic blast water that is a by-product of the concrete hydrodemolition process. The EcoClear system addresses both the solids laden water and its very high pH level and treats it to such a high standard that the water can be safely discharged into the natural environment.

Drawing on Siltbuster's expertise in water treatment and Aquajet's knowledge of robotic hydrodemolition, EcoClear is the result of two years of research and development. It uses Siltbuster's carbon dioxide pH adjustment technology and lamella clarifiers to treat the blast water to a high level of clarity, reducing its pH level from a highly alkaline 12 to a neutral 7. EcoClear works in conjunction with Aquajet's Aqua Cutter robots and also incorporates its RECO control system to enable the unit to be remotely controlled and monitored.

As well as pollution prevention, EcoClear also delivers significant commercial benefits. Capable of treating up to 20m3 of water per hour at a cost of around 55p per m3, it negates the need to collect and tanker the water to off-site disposal facilities, which can cost up to £200 per m3. Thanks to its use of carbon dioxide as a neutralising agent, operators no longer need to use potentially hazardous acids to balance the pH of blast water, removing the previously high risk of associated on-site spills or injuries and making the whole treatment process safer and more sustainable.

Dr Richard Coulton, Siltbuster's CEO, commented: "We pride ourselves on developing innovative water treatment solutions for the construction industry and firmly believe that EcoClear will be revolutionary. It is a safe and environmentally sound solution for dealing with what has, up until now, been the hazardous and potentially polluting by-product of concrete demolition.

"As Siltbuster's first international development project, EcoClear has given us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise to a worldwide audience and underlines our position as a world leading innovator in our field."

Roger Simonsson, Aquajet's Managing Director, commented: "As the global leader in hydrodemolition, it's our responsibility to be one step ahead of the competition and there's no doubt that EcoClear helps us achieve that. Our customers are increasingly asking for a solution to the issue of managing blast water and EcoClear delivers just that, whilst also providing the verification necessary to demonstrate compliance with environmental standards to regulatory authorities across the world."

EcoClear in action:

The first EcoClear production unit was deployed at the Hansa City Mall, Malmo, Sweden where hydrodemolition was chosen as the most appropriate method for removing concrete in the car park, located above one of the city's busiest shopping centres.

By treating the water in an EcoClear it was possible to meet Malmo's strict water quality standard and discharge it into the adjacent watercourse.

Commenting on the system, CEO of the hydrodemolition contractor NVB Jonas Bernin said "Without a water treatment system like EcoClear, we wouldn't be working in Malmo City Centre in the first place. We're very pleased with the system which enables us to compete on an entirely new level. EcoClear is a game changer!"

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