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Siemens Siveillance SiteIQ 24/7 site protection from a single screen

Posted: Thursday 19th November 2009

The new Siveillance™ SitelQ automated wide area surveillance technology transforms traditional physical security systems by allowing an entire site to be automatically controlled and monitored from a single screen. Typical Siveillance SiteIQ applications include airports, seaports, railways, oil, gas and electricity providers, water treatment facilities, industrial plants, town centres, universities and hospitals.

Using intelligent policy zones and virtual barriers, Siveillance SiteIQ gathers and filters real time data from camera and other sensor input, for example access control, intrusion and fire detection, GPS sensors and smart fences, and displays the results on a comprehensive digital map of the entire site. Security staff can see what is happening in each area of the site at any given time. The system can detect, track, and classify more than 50 simultaneous, but independent, objects per camera as sophisticated 3D analytics determine object attributes in absolute “real-world“ coordinates, meaning a reduction in camera numbers and lower infrastructure costs.

Virtual barriers trigger automatic alerts when unauthorised activity occurs. Siveillance SiteIQ detects and tracks the incident while alerting staff through audio, video notifications, and e-mail alerts. The system will also pinpoint the precise location where an incident has occurred so that security staff can be deployed quickly to prevent the situation escalating. Attempted security breaches can therefore be stopped before they occur ensuring that large scale sites and the people in them, remain secure.

Siveillance SiteIQ’s open architecture enables it to run on standard hardware and software and allows it to be modified and expanded to accommodate changing security needs. The technology easily accommodates site-specific operational conditions and varying security requirements allowing, for example, limited access to selected areas.

Peter Hawksworth managing director for the security solutions team at Siemens explains:

“Siveillance SiteIQ is a really impressive piece of technology. Using traditional CCTV security monitoring with multiple screens, the average security guard can monitor six to ten screens for 30 minutes before surveillance effectiveness drops dramatically. With fewer staff needed behind monitors, personnel can be used out in the field, doing what they do best. The flexibility of the systems means that site-specific alarm zones and alert levels can create or change alarm zones and alert levels according to security needs or policies.

“We want to work with customers to plan, configure, install, and commission a future proof system that meets both their short and long term needs. Training, equipment maintenance, support services and innovative finance packages are also available as part of our added value options.”

For further information, please contact the security solutions team at Siemens on 01932 898500, or visit

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