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Shimadzu introduces the first LCMS-IT-TOF mass spectrometer

Posted: Monday 3rd July 2006

Shimadzu’s new LCMS-IT-TOF mass spectrometer is the first instrument to couple atmospheric pressure ionisation with ion trap and time-of-flight (TOF) technologies for use with HPLC, delivering high mass accuracy and high mass resolution (10,000 at 100 m/z), independent of MS mode.

Combining the technologies allows more qualitative information about a sample to be collected in a single run, eliminating multiple analyses and the need to split samples between multiple instruments, making it ideal for such uses as biomarker discovery, metabolite identification and human health research.

The new LCMS-IT-TOF allows molecules to be broken up into successively smaller fragments and their masses measured with such accuracy that the likely empirical and structural formulae can be determined. The new system also makes it possible to fragment the various component peaks found in a HPLC separation, to determine formulae for each and identify where they come from.

The LCMS-IT-TOF mass spectrometer will change the way researchers deduce the structure of unknown compounds and contaminants. It represents a significant improvement over other mass spectrometry techniques because of the combination of high sensitivity and long-term stability of mass accuracy in an easy-to-use instrument for HPLC use.

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About Shimadzu

Shimadzu ( ) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of products and services within a broad range of fields including bioresearch. Their commitment to the philosophy of “contributing to Society through Science and Technology” forms their common managing concept throughout the world: “Solutions for Science since 1875”. Instruments for analysis and measurement in industry and research, environmental testing and other bio-related equipment, and semi-conductor and media related equipment and software services are within the portfolio of Shimadzu.

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