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Posted: Wednesday 25th November 2009

Verderflex® Tube Pumps chose the recent international chemical processing exhibition, Achema 2009 in Frankfurt, to launch its new Verderflex Aura dosing pump. The positive response to this newcomer at the show confirmed this product has significant sales potential for low flow, high pressure dosing applications.

Facilities that will benefit most from this introduction are leisure centres, swimming pools, saunas, small scale water treatment plants and residential complexes. It is also ideal for low volume fragrance dosing in supermarkets and spas and even for dosing into cooling towers.

This Verderflex Aura Peristaltic Dosing Pump is a superior alternative to reciprocating piston pump models. It is unobtrusive, exceptionally quiet in operation and is not subject to off-gassing or vapour locks. The design, based on the proven MO25 OEM peristaltic pump head, is simple with only one wearing element, the tube. There no need for non-return valves as the rotor maintains a seal between the dosing area and the chemical reservoir.

Normally only found on more sophisticated pumps is Verderflex Aura’s automatic tube loading feature that is activated by push button. It also has push button priming that simplifies dosing chemical changeover and further reduces downtime.

Only the tube which will typically be Verderprene or silicon and polypropylene connectors come into contact with dosed liquid and as it can be sterilised this pump is hygienic and is suitable for a wide range of chemicals. It is also tolerant of small solids and therefore not dependent on solutions being thoroughly mixed. The pump is especially suited to shear sensitive flocculants due to its gentle pumping action.

Verderflex Aura’s design and performance aim to lead the field in the low flow dosing market. The streamline housing is rated for IP66/NEMA 4 protection and the control panel is simple and clear. In addition to push button start/stop, prime and tube load, LEDs indicate power on, pump running and pump locked out.

Verderflex Aura provides a controllable, timed fixed flow rate dose for up to 20 minutes with variable over-dosing protection or lockout of up to 20 minutes. Both dosing timers have removable protective plugs with screwdriver slot adjustment, deterring unauthorised alteration. The timers are housed under a latched flip-up lid with a window to allow the rotor to be inspected. Flows are up to 80ml/min or 5 litres/hour with pressures to 4 bar and accuracy with no slip to better than ±2.5%.

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