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Posted: Thursday 29th March 2012

Sealless magnetically driven pumps are recognised as being the ideal solution for handling aggressive liquids and the T MAG-M pump from 3M is a good example of a pump which is ideally suited to challenging pumping applications. Available through PUMP ENGINEERING the T MAG-M is a horizontal, sealless, magnetically-driven peripheral pump. It is particularly suited to applications involving low flows and high heads.

T MAG-M pumps offer the important benefits of mag-drive pumping; long-life, reliable performance and low-maintenance. Also, as a result of having no seals, the potential for leaks and emissions means optimum safety and reliability, even in the most challenging applications.

Features of these pumps include; a high power, synchronous magnetic coupling which can operate at liquid temperatures up to 350C (without the need for external cooling), an innovative hydraulic design with a self-balancing impeller which improves wear ring life and a sealing system with flat gaskets preventing leakage to the atmosphere. Also, the rear shell is made in one single piece without welding and its ellipsoidal profile helps it to withstand higher pressures than traditional designs.

The bearings are available in a choice of materials to suit specific applications, including Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Carbon to enable dry running and filled PTFE when Carbon cannot be used.

T MAG-M pumps are designed to deliver flows up to 12,000 lit/hr at pressures up to 12 bar. Higher pressures versions are also available which are capable of operating with a differential pressure of 50 bar on system pressures up to 150 bar. ATEX certified options are also available.

3M mag-drive pumps have numerous applications, for example, transferring acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, heat transfer oils, liquid gases, toxic and explosive chemicals in industrial and chemical industries. They are also suitable for pumping low viscosity surfactants, acids and CIP chemicals in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In the food and drink industries they are ideal for handling CIP chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide and pumping water treatment chemicals.

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