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Scotmas Group launches new technology ClO2 generators which improve purity and yield of drinking water

Posted: Thursday 3rd December 2015

UK-based Scotmas Group, which supplies water disinfection systems across the globe, has launched a new generation of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) water treatment systems which will increase yield and purity of drinking water when compared to previous generation ClO2 or gas chlorination systems.

The company plans to roll out the latest-technology water purification systems across its territories of the United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America, replacing old gas chlorination systems for new customers and further improving results, yield and cost-effectiveness for its existing clients.

Scotmas Group’s new generation of in-situ ClO2 generation systems use the latest catalytic and chemical engineering techniques to selectively remove impurities and minimise the production of inorganic by-products such as chlorite and chlorate in the treated water stream. The in-situ ClO2 generator has been designed to the highest European safety standards and conforms to the most stringent purity and quality standards

The new generation Scotmas systems build on the existing reputation of the company in providing safe and cost-effective chlorine dioxide generation, using amperometric monitoring sensors to control and report on water purity in real-time. The systems are installed as a fully-integrated solution comprising of the ClO2 generators, precursor storage tanks, pipework, analysers and all safety equipment.

Alistair Cameron, managing director of Scotmas Group, said: “The benefits of using chlorine dioxide have been known for many years, but inadequate monitoring systems and inefficient chemical generation techniques used by other companies have led to concerns around the purity of chlorine dioxide being used for drinking water systems. Our in-situ ClO2 generators were designed to address that very concern.

“Now, our new generation of ClO2 water purification systems combine catalysis and the latest generation techniques with our existing state-of-the-art amperometric monitoring sensors to enhance our already world-leading purification systems and deliver an even purer and more effective chlorine dioxide treatment to water.”

Already accepted by water utilities around the world as one of the safest and most economic alternatives to gas chlorination, ClO2 is applied in seawater intake, thermal flash, and reverse osmosis plants to deliver water free from Bromate, THMs and other chlorinated organic contaminants.

Scotmas has delivered chlorine dioxide systems for a range of clients, from the Rumaila Oilfields in Iraq, through to Eon Energy’s Connor Quay Power Station in north Wales. The Group is headquartered in Scotland, UK and has offices in Egypt, Dubai, Turkey, Portugal, India and Chile to serve its worldwide customer base. It develops chlorine dioxide-based water purification technology products and generation systems for the oil and gas, municipal water, construction and healthcare sectors.

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