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RSWT range is extended to Centrifugal Pumps

Posted: Wednesday 10th June 2015

Carlo Gavazzi has recently launched a new range of RSWT 75mm soft starters for centrifugal pumps up to 30kW; specifically designed for efficient water distribution. The need to build tall buildings and the reduction of mains pressure to reduce leakages by water authorities has increased the necessity for alternative methods to provide high water pressure.

The self-learning algorithm is easy to setup and increases pump lifetime by minimising vibrations in the pump and pipes during starting and stopping whilst ensuring the pump starts and stops as close to the user setting as possible. The RSWT up to 25A (11kW @ 400V) comes in a compact 45mm housing thus facilitating replacement of contactors and star/delta starters.

The traditional three knob setting has been refined to just a single knob setting for the softstarting/ soft-stopping time of the pump which improves setup time, reduces human errors and tampering in the field.

RSWT is equipped with a number of integrated diagnostic functions including phase sequence, over- and under-voltage monitoring, locked rotor protection and also shorted SCR for improved pump protection in case of abnormal conditions. At just 75mm the RSWT can save vital panel space and reduce wiring time.

Soft starter status indication is provided by means of three LEDs (green, yellow, red) for supply, ramping, and alarm indication. Additionally, RSWT (45mm) is also equipped with two output relays

for alarm (Normally closed - NC) and top of ramp (Normally Open - NO) indication. In case of the RSWTV10/ V11. series, there is a 4th LED to select whether alarms follow an auto or manual recovery. In case of manual recovery of alarms, a push button is also available to reset the soft starter from alarm states. RSWT...32 up to RSWT...55 are also equipped with a run relay.

On top of the integrated overload, the PTC input can be used as further protection to ensure the pump does not overheat.

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