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Remote Level Sensing for Any Application

Posted: Tuesday 8th December 2009

HWMs SonicSens is a versatile ultrasonic level sensor with a 5 year battery life, designed for easy installation and ready to output results either locally or via a range of telemetry options.

The SonicSens combines precise ultrasonic measurement with a connected MultiLog data logger to store, interpret and transmit results, making it suitable for a wide variety of level-sensing and flow monitoring situations. The option of cellular wireless telemetry and the long battery life mean that the device is ideal for remote installations where constant access is difficult and traditional communications unsuitable.

Open channel flow or level monitoring is made easy by the non-contact ultrasonic sensor, taking instant and accurate readings of targeted surface levels including Combined Sewer Overflows, which must be monitored, as required by European legislation. Fluid levels in tanks or storage containers can also be remotely checked, with easy mounting options allowing for temporary survey type operations. Data from the SonicSens can also be used as a control for other processes, allowing varying levels or alerts to have different effects.

The system is available in four different configurations to suit varying installation requirements and networking preferences. It can be non-ATEX cable linked, ATEX cable linked with a Barrier box, ATEX radio linked to the logger outside the ATEX zone, or the sensor, logger and cable all ATEX rated with total protection for completely below-ground installations.

SonicSens can communicate via GSM, GPRS, PSTN radio or satellite, and the communication module can be sited separately from the sensor itself to maximise signal. Also incorporated are echo-loss alarms, intelligent self-diagnosis, variable blanking distance, and automatic interference rejection based on rate of change to discount false readings.

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