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Reduce water pipe bursts with HWMs new high-frequency Pressure Transient logger

Posted: Thursday 7th August 2014

Water and asset monitoring specialist HWM-Water Ltd has developed a new data logger specifically for monitoring the water network for damaging pressure transients and combatting water hammer. With a five-year battery life, fast data sampling and large memory, HWMs Pressure Transient logger is suitable for both long-term surveys and rapid trouble shooting deployments.

The new logger features an expanded 4GB of flash memory and uses advanced data compression algorithms to store up to eight billion readings on board. It can operate in the field for weeks or even months while still sampling rapidly enough (25Hz) to effectively monitor for pressure transients.

Conventional data loggers are unable to sample at a fast enough rate or store enough data to log and catch damaging pressure spikes, which may only last a fraction of a second. Despite - and in part because of - the speed and brevity of the event, these moments of extreme pressure differential are a major factor in reducing asset lifetime and causing burst water mains.

Sources can be traced, but only after they have been identified, analysed and compared against other known network events, such as pump or valve activation, or high consumer activity. By reducing the severity of, or even eliminating, pressure transients in the water network, asset life can be significantly improved and burst frequency reduced.

The Pressure Transient logger is supplied with a robust aluminium case containing the data logger, pressure transducer with quick-fit connector, download lead, software and full documentation.

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