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Reduce carbon footprint of plant operations with composite valve innovation

Posted: Friday 16th March 2012

Tyco Valves and Controls is demonstrating its commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions through its CompoSeal valve. With comparable pressure and temperature performance to traditional valves, the product offers the added benefit of a reduced carbon footprint and improved environmental credentials.

CompoSeal comprises a range of highly engineered butterfly valves made from a blend of two thermoplastics which offer increased design flexibility, while remaining firmly within existing regulatory framework and industrial design standards such as ISO, EN, API, PED and EnEv. The product represents Tyco Valves and Controls’ determination to meet the needs of their customers, who increasingly seek to reduce their carbon footprint, by capitalising on the advances in composite material technology.

CompoSeal offers multiple environmental advantages over traditional valve construction. It requires less energy in production than traditional metals through the use of injection molding technology as opposed to foundry production, and uses reduced amounts of raw materials when compared with traditional methods. The composite materials may also be reused many times over as the valves are fully recyclable, providing a key advantage given the increasing importance of sustainability. The combination of these elements can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70% based on 10,000 valves when compared to traditional ductile iron products.

In addition they are considerably lighter, which leads to more efficient transportation, and also minimal assembly labour. This removes any economic benefit of relocating the manufacturing processes to low cost countries, often far from the areas where they are most needed, therefore allowing for the reduction of carbon emissions linked to their transportation.

The CompoSeal valve reduces heat loss to a minimum through low thermal conductivity. It also has the additional benefit of exceptional performance in a harsh or aggressive environment, without the need for a further protective paint layer. This removes the need for solvents during the coating process and demonstrates Tyco Valves and Controls’ dedication to ensuring sustainable production.

René van der Gaag, product manager for special service valves at Tyco Flow Control comments: “The CompoSeal valve demonstrates our continued commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of our clients and improving sustainability within the industry. CompoSeal delivers high quality performance to our customers while offering them considerable environmental benefits over traditional metal valves.”

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