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Reagent-free Portable Chlorine Tester Gains EPA Approval

Posted: Friday 12th February 2010

The Chlorosense testing device from Palintest Ltd. makes use of a completely new methodology for water analysis, utilising electrochemical sensors instead of traditional chemical reagents to measure chlorine levels in potable and process water. The portable, battery-powered device has now been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), following an expedited approval process (ref: 74 FR 57908, pub. Nov 10, 2009).

The expedited approval process for drinking water analytical methods exists in order to allow the water industry more timely access to new testing. As the US EPA website ( states: ďA comparison of the new alternative method to the approved method(s) must show the new method to be equally effective in determining the concentration of the contaminant.Ē In achieving the approval, the Chlorosense was found by the agency to be at least as accurate, precise and effective as more traditional, technique-dependent chemical-based methods of chlorine measurement.

The ChloroSense unit measures both free and total chlorine simultaneously, giving results in less than 60 seconds. The free chlorine accuracy is similar to the standard method (DPD) over the normal 0-5 mg/l, however the new technology also works on an extended range of up to 10mg/l free chlorine. Total chlorine test accuracy is similar to chemical based methods, and works on a range of up to 75mg/l.

The major benefit of the ChloroSense compared to chemical reagent-based testing is its ease of use. An operator does not need to have experience in chemical testing to use the device, and only needs the Chlorosense unit, a disposable sensor and the water sample to be tested. No chemical reagents, additional equipment or preparation are required. Total and free chlorine levels are measured simultaneously and displayed in under a minute, along with the temperature of the sample, on the large back-lit LCD screen. All the test information is also stored in the unitís memory, which can hold up to 500 sets of results. A USB port allows easy connection to a PC for simple, convenient downloading. The unit is compact, robust, and waterproof to an IP67 rating; with a handy carrying case, and weighing just 1kg, it is perfectly suited for testing in the field.

The product is simple to use and comes complete with instructions that enable users of any skill level to test chlorine levels and obtain consistent, repeatable results. Now with US EPA approval, the ChloroSense effectively combines excellent accuracy with previously unobtainable convenience and ease of use.

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