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Posted: Monday 23rd September 2013

A new fast-setting lead pipe lining product from diversified technology company 3M delivers a cost-effective rehabilitation solution and an alternative to disruptive excavation and replacement.

Scotchkote Rapid Setting Polymeric Lining 166L has been developed by 3M in collaboration with HTC Ltd and Yorkshire Water, to solve a common customer problem with drinking water supply. Properties built prior to 1970 are typically supplied with water through lead pipes in the final approach to the dwelling, and ageing pipes are at risk of leaching lead into drinking water. Regulations currently state that lead levels must not exceed 25ug/litre¹, but European legislation commencing in 2013 requires that the maximum level in drinking water must be less than 10ug/litre. Traditionally, phosphate dosing has been the preferred method of reducing lead concentrations but as this solution causes problems at treatment works and is increasingly costly due to the finite nature of phosphorus, it has fallen out of favour. With the replacement of lead pipes being an expensive and disruptive process, 3M was tasked with delivering a solution.

Designed for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes made from lead as well as galvanised steel or copper, Scotchkote Rapid Setting Polymeric Lining 166L is approved² for use in drinking water pipes and offers a four-hour return to service and a projected in-service life of 50 years³. Applied using the patented Serline air vortex system, Scotchkote Rapid Setting Lining Polymeric 166L helps mitigate against lead content in drinking water and assists utility companies in meeting European lead legislation.

Paul Woolvine of the Infrastructure Protection Products division of 3M explained: “Rehabilitating service pipes with an in-situ coating such as Scotchkote Rapid Setting Polymeric Lining 166L can help to minimise the cost and time associated with pipe replacement. As well as negating the need for time-consuming excavation which causes disruption to traffic as well as water supply to homes, the product allows more pipes to be treated – up to 20 per day compared to 15 pipe replacements per week – offering a further benefit to customers.

“As well as reducing the migration levels of lead from the pipe to drinking water, the product enhances the integrity of the pipe by spanning small cracks and holes as well as being flexible enough to cope with future movement or shifting of the pipe, helping to prevent leakage.”

Recently, the Innovative Water Product/Service of the Year award was presented to Yorkshire Water at the Environment and Energy Awards, for an in-situ pipe re-lining system which utilises Scotchkote Rapid Setting Polymeric Lining 166L from 3M.

Scotchkote Rapid Setting Polymeric Lining 166L from 3M is part of a portfolio of high-performance coatings suitable for use in the water industry.

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