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Posted: Friday 25th January 2013

To provide companies with a reliable, accurate and convenient way of analysing their usage of electrical energy, and to quantify the savings made by introducing energy efficiency measures, motor control expert Ralspeed is now offering sophisticated portable energy recorders for short-term hire at very competitive rates. The energy recorders measure and record power, reactive power, power factor and other key parameters for the circuits to which they are connected.

The data can then be analysed and graphed using software supplied as part of the hire package, to reveal, for example, total kWh used over period, the time and duration of peak energy usage and a whole range of additional information that helps to identify the areas that offer the best opportunities for implementing energy saving measures.

“Our new hire service provides companies with a very inexpensive way of gaining a detailed understanding of their energy usage,” said Peter Schaffel, Managing Director of Ralspeed, “which is the key to maximising energy savings. In addition, the energy recorder can also be used after energy saving measures have been put in place to confirm their effectiveness. In short, using the energy recorder takes the guesswork out of optimising energy efficiency.”

To ensure that it is safe and easy to use, the energy recorder offered for hire by Ralspeed uses innovative technology that avoids the need to make electrical connections to the circuits being monitored. The unit senses voltage via an ordinary 13 A plug that can be plugged into any convenient socket, while for current sensing it uses three flexible open-ended coils, which the user simply wraps around the phase conductors for the circuit under test. This arrangement means that the disturbance to the electrical installation is minimal, and the risk of electric shock is eliminated.

Ralspeed complements its energy recorder hire service with comprehensive technical support and advice. The company is happy to provide guidance on the best locations to install the recorder and to advise on the interpretation of the results. On the basis of those results, it can also suggest effective energy saving measures and, in many instances, supply the equipment needed to achieve those savings.

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