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QSI integrates MRP with LIMS as a rental solution for cost sensitive SMEs

Posted: Thursday 11th December 2008

To give manufacturing companies an affordable opportunity to optimise efficiency QSI has unveiled its new WinLims For Manufacturing Rental solution that provides a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software package that is fully integrated with a Materials Resource Planning (MRP) tool.

The new rental solution is aimed principally at small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that do not already have a MRP or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The QSI WinLims For Manufacturing Rental package is a specially designed version of the company’s popular WinLims that supports fully integrated MRP functionality to offer smaller enterprises significant cost savings. Those enterprises opting for the rental solution are able to conserve their capital and simply pay for the LIMS and MRP capabilities out of their income revenues. The whole rental package is tax deductable.

The integrated solution offers SMEs the economic benefits of rental plus the cost saving benefits of having a single data entry point for shared LIMS and MRP data, reduced duplication of data and the prospect of fewer transcription errors, increased flow of data between systems, plus overall increased efficiencies in business processes and workflow.

“Large manufacturing companies already use Materials Resource Planning as a matter of course but rather like a LIMS package, a MRP system can be expensive to purchase outright and many small to medium enterprises cannot afford to do so. That is no longer the case. QSI can provide companies with a solution that includes MRP functionality and is also integrated with a LIMS. For a low monthly fee you can now get two major IT solutions that were not previously affordable,” explained Clive Collier, QSI’s managing director. “Our WinLims For Manufacturing Rental solution gives manufacturers affordable access to these powerful management technologies.


The additional MRP functionality we are offering gives SMEs all the huge benefits of batch traceability and reduced material wastage. There are also major order dispatch, stock control, picking lists and invoice management savings that can be achieved using such an integrated solution.”

The WinLims For Manufacturing Rental solution is going to be especially attractive to formulators in the food and drink industries as well as the fine chemical manufacturing sector.

“Any organizations seeking to make their formula recipe management and works order batch production activities more efficient will see major benefits from using our WinLims For Manufacturing Rental solution,” suggested Collier. “The integrated software will enable them to manufacture a batch of a product and have exact knowledge of each raw material for every ingredient that has gone into the batch. By improving the control of quality data and materials planning a SME is able to improve its product quality and that will translate into increased customer satisfaction. Our integrated solution also means there are considerable cost savings to be gained compared to having to purchase two separate packages.”

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