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Pulsar dBS6 – higher accuracy for lower headroom

Posted: Wednesday 9th May 2007

Pulsar, specialists in non-contacting ultrasonic equipment have launched the dBS6 transducer. Working with Pulsar’s Ultra 3, Ultra 5 or Blackbox control units, dBS6 has been designed to have a very short deadband of 200mm as standard, optionally 150mm, providing a measurement range from 150mm to 6m, on solids or liquids.

Ultrasonic systems have an unmeasurable space in front of the face of the transducer related to the time required for the transducer to switch from a transmitter of the sound pulse to a receiver of the returning echo. Pulsar’s advanced piezo-electric crystal technology and sophisticated electronics minimises this time, allowing the deadband (also known as the “blanking distance” to be extremely short. The dBS6 has been developed in response to requests from customers who have minimal headroom in their applications, for example in subterranean applications in the water industry such as some CSO measurements or in many smaller wet wells.

Because accuracy of ultrasonic measurement is a function of the distance over which the measurement is made, applications where measurement accuracy is especially important (for example stock control or contents gauging) the ability to mount the transducer closer to the surface of the measured material is a significant benefit.

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