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Proquip's deep-clean for boreholes

Posted: Thursday 29th September 2016

Reformulated treatment offers faster, more efficient removal of bio-fouling to revive pump and borehole performance.

Boreholes that start pumping brown or foul-smelling water indicate the presence of a bacterial infestation that needs immediate attention.

The problem may affect part or most of the installation, and could lie deep within the system. Hazardous levels of bacteria may also be forming without any obvious indications at the surface. Even at lower levels, they may pose a potential health risk in drinking water wells.

Proquip's I-GON treatment, an acid-based crystalline agent, has long been tried and trusted by the borehole industry for removing the iron and manganese oxides that lead to bacterial infestation and bio-fouling.

Following months of development and trials, the borehole equipment specialist has introduced a reformulated range - I-GON2 and I-GON3 - offering even quicker, more powerful and cost effective cleaning.

While the new formula uses the proven and safe organic chemicals of the original, intensive work by an accredited water chemistry laboratory has led to exciting improvements in the physical characteristics to maximise cleaning reactions through the process.

New I-GON uses grades of chemical that differ from competing systems and in a unique formulation that sustains cleaning action throughout the borehole.

Chemical reactions take effect within minutes, releasing controlled cleaning that lasts longer and penetrates deeper to remove iron-related bacteria as well as rust, scale and stubborn deposits. In some cases, a significant improvement in the flow from the borehole has been seen within 10 to 15 minutes.

Boreholes can be treated overnight and resume full operation the next day.

The product is totally bio-degradable and safe for disposal once neutralised, and does not react with or damage any metallic or man-made material. It is constituted, blended and packed in England to ISO 9001 QM systems, offering assured, reproducible product quality as well as improved availability to the UK borehole market.

User convenience

For user convenience, the two crystalline preparations are tailored around distinct cleaning needs.

I-GON2 is a fast-acting two-part crystalline powder for the bench cleaning of valves and other pump components contaminated with iron/manganese oxide deposits.

I-GON3 combines three types of modified crystal that control the solubility of the product as it works down the borehole - resulting in an enhanced and consistent clean throughout. It is intended for the in situ cleaning of the complete borehole (with system offline) or of removed assembly parts before re-installation.

I-GON falls outside the scope of DWI Regulation 31 (1 October 2015 revision) and is safe for drinking well applications when used strictly in accordance with instructions. It is suitable for the cleaning of drilling and test pumping equipment to avoid bacterial cross contamination at a new project.

Sound maintenance routines are strongly recommended to allow for timely detection of bacterial activity before bio-fouling takes hold. Routine checks, using proprietary products like Proquip's BART Test Kit, will signal the presence of problematic bacteria in the water source before it has time to grow and spread.

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