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Promotional Film Celebrates 20 Years of Pumping Success

Posted: Thursday 24th May 2012

Mengin chopper pumps supplied by M B Pumps Limited have been providing the answer to pump blockage problems for the last twenty years.

We have recently produced a short promotional film to showcase and explain the chopper pumps and this is available to view on our website

The film describes the unique design features of the Mengin chopper pump which incorporates a channelled impeller with two cutting blades at its base extending to form a sharp edged spiral cutting cone. This rotates against a fixed adjustable knife to give a shearing action similar to scissors. Many different industries can benefit from employing the Mengin chopper pumps and the film seeks to demonstrate how pumping problems encountered in industries such as municipal and industrial wastewater, paper mills, tanneries, equestrian centres, prisons, hospitals, caravan sites, care homes etc can benefit in eliminating or drastically reducing pump down time by installing the Mengin chopper pump.

In addition to producing the promotional film, M B Pumps Limited have recently expanded into the international market with the result that Mengin chopper pumps are now preventing pump and pipework blockages at sites around the globe such as the USA, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, China, the Middle East and North Africa.

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