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Posted: Friday 16th March 2018

In response to water companies’ appeals to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable material being discharged into the sewage system, treatment plant specialist Marsh Industries now offers a range of Degrilleur trash barriers for pump chambers and sewage treatment plants. The Degrilleur units will quickly pay for themselves by preventing blockages and possible plant failure or flooding that can be caused by non-dissolvable items being flushed into the system.

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Degrilleur is a bar screen which, when positioned ahead of the system’s inlet, prevents debris from entering and pushes it to the top of the chamber where it is stored in a collection chamber until it can be cleared and disposed of appropriately via the unit’s manhole cover. This simple mechanical process involves no moving parts so the Marsh Degrilleur units are maintenance-free and totally reliable in operation.

Available in two sizes – 2000 and 6000 litres - as standard with other sizes for tanks up to 36,000 litres available as specials, Degrilleur units are perfect for domestic, commercial and even industrial applications. It can also function as a flow-splitting chamber for multi-stream applications or an upstream trash screen in storm water attenuation schemes.

Water companies estimate that it costs the UK as much as £90million a year to clear an estimated 360,000 blocked sewers clogged up by non-decomposable items such as wipes, microbeads in cleaning products, and grease. Half of these blockages are avoidable and are caused by the incorrect disposal of wet wipes and other hygiene products via toilets.

Flushing these items leads to blockages, flooding, damage to beaches and waterways, and ultimately increased bills for consumers. Anglian Water, for instance, believes 800 tonnes of wipes and sanitary items are being flushed every week in its eastern England region alone and in the Thames region alone, disposal of unsuitable products, combined with fats, oils, grease and food waste poured down the sink, causes 1,000 homes and 5,000 gardens to be flooded each year.

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