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Possibly the new-product launch of 2014?

Posted: Monday 13th October 2014

When a company states that it is launching a new product range, careful examination will invariably show that it is nothing more than a variation on an existing theme. This isnít something that Rota Val will be accused of with the launch of their new modular range of rotary valves. From the design through to casting method and the sizes available; everything is new.

Rota Val has gained a superb reputation over 40 years for supplying reliability and a long service life through a broad rotary valve range that starts as small as 50mm and goes up to 750mm. Manufactured both in standard and bespoke formats there has never been any doubt that in terms of manufacturing quality and expected life span, these valves are some of the best available.

Carrying on with this philosophy, the new heavy duty modular (HDM) and blowing seal modular (BSM) ranges have been designed using finite element analysis to make the valve housings even more robust. Where the valve feeds directly in to a conveying line, the BSM range has been designed to optimise product conveying using computational fluid dynamics techniques.

For industries where hygiene is a major consideration or where different products are processed through a common valve, the modular range will feature a new version of the successful rapid access design for quick cleaning. HDMF and BSMF fast clean versions have been designed with safety and ease of use in mind. The guide rails are a parallel design with an option for a rotor support tray which makes servicing in difficult areas a much easier proposition.

The rotor centralising mechanism has been designed so that the bearings can be replaced during maintenance without the need to reset axial rotor clearances. This means operator and maintenance staff can now service the valve without the need to remove it from situ.

Ease of use is further aided by a tapered bore design, a feature which is unique to Rota Val that ensures fast scratch free rotor extraction and insertion. When the rotor is extracted, the rotor clearance gaps get larger. At this point, the extracted rotor can be manually turned for cleaning whilst still attached to the end cover. When the rotor is reinserted, the gap naturally closes up to the correct running clearance thereby eliminating the possibility of damage to the valve internals.

In addition to full ATEX certification, Rota Val has always hydraulically pressure tested each valve housing to ensure 100% casting integrity when supplying valves for explosion and flame containment applications.

And finally there is another safety feature that can be added to all Rota Val rotary valves and that is the RotaSafe RM2. This patented rotor contact monitor will send a signal to stop the rotor instantly should metal contact or contamination be detected. This protects the valve internals and the system by eliminating product degradation and contamination from being conveyed downstream.

These pioneering developments bring new levels of quick cleaning together with process and operator safety to the solids handling industry.

So what was the reasoning behind the new Modular range? To start with, we have to look at why managers at Rota Val felt that a new range was necessary. The reputation for quality British engineering has been developed over many years and as an innovative company, Rota Val understands that adding value for our customers through designs that provide a competitive advantage is the key to remaining a leading industry brand.

Competitive price and delivery objectives have been achieved through a valve range that uses just two different body configurations; one body casting for rotary valves and one for blowing through versions. This, of course, reduces the delivery times through increased stock holding. Additionally, due to a commonality of components across the range, cost savings have been made which further helps to make the range very competitive.

But while competitive pricing is vital, the Modular range is not a compromise. The quality of the British engineering was never going to be sacrificed to price; what has changed is the way that these valves are manufactured. A new casting pouring method has been developed which has improved the external finish of the valves. Whilst internally, Rota Val will continue to provide highly polished surface finishes that are suitable for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Another area where the modular range scores is in its adaptability. Heavy duty modular cleanable (HDMC) valves are a cost effective solution for occasional cleaning of the valve internals. With the new design being modular and the HDMC incorporating a tapered rotor it can be converted into a HDMF fast clean version by retrofitting the guide rails.

As a demonstration of the confidence Rota Val has in its new modular range, the warranty period has been extended to eighteen months. The entire modular range is available in sizes from 150mm to 400mm and can be manufactured from either Cast Iron, Aluminium or 316 grade Stainless Steel. Valves manufactured from special grades of stainless steel are also available. Full production of the range will begin in January 2015.

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