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Portable chemical dosing convenience is cube-shaped

Posted: Thursday 2nd May 2019

Continuous product improvement has led to the launch of DosingCube E, the latest iteration of WES Ltd’s distinctive and highly flexible portable dosing system.

These compact, fully enclosed, bunded units have already proved themselves in hundreds of situations, and now offer even better performance. Designed primarily for rapid plug-and-play deployment in emergencies, or for planned temporary use, they can be quickly installed to dose chemicals from IBCs and other existing storage vessels. They will also serve as an interchangeable modular solution for permanent dosing set-ups.

Easy to carry and attach, DosingCube E is protected by an IP54-rated polyethylene enclosure which is weatherproof, chemical-resistant and secure. It features a clear inspection window, as well as a secondary spray shield to safeguard the operator when opening the unit.

At its heart is a high-quality digital dosing pump, whose user interface enables simple on-screen selection of dosing rates. A choice of manual or automatic operating modes is possible, with direct input of pulse or 4-20 mA flow proportional control signals. A pre-wired signal junction box is provided to receive signals for automatic flow control and external level sensors. The unit can be optionally configured to include a controller/timer, allowing chemical dosing to be started and stopped at pre-set times.

DosingCube E’s rigid internal pipework includes a pressure loading valve, which maximises metering accuracy and avoids chemical siphoning. There is also a pressure relief valve to help protect the pump and system from excess pressure. The unit comes complete with dual contained hosetail connections. Through these, the outer sleeves of both suction and delivery pipework can be connected directly to the DosingCube E shell. Any leakage is detected by a switch in the enclosure’s integral drip tray.

There are four standard DosingCube E models, with maximum dosing rates between 5.0 and 120.0 litres per hour and turndown ratios of 500:1 or 300:1. While providing standardisation for maximum system compatibility, WES can also readily create bespoke DosingCube E configurations to solve specific problems for customers.

In addition to the more technical customisations and options, units can be supplied with enclosures in a range of chemical-specific colours. The choices are green, grey, yellow and violet, in addition to standard blue. WES can also apply corporate branding to them.

DosingCube E is on sale now and is also available via the extensive WES dosing system hire fleet.

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