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Polypipe WMS Launches Polystorm-XL Low Flow Channel

Posted: Wednesday 6th July 2011

Polypipe WMS, the UK’s dedicated sustainable drainage and water management expert, has launched a brand new product – Ridgistorm-XL Low Flow Channel.

The product, which has been designed as a complementary product to the Ridgistorm-XL pipe, is fitted along the invert level of the pipe to ensure that water continues to pass through it, even during dry periods. The new pipe is currently available in 1500mm, although there are plans to extend the range to include widths of 1200, 1800 and 2100mm to facilitate all requirements.

Polypipe WMS Marketing Manager, Rachel Smith, commented: “Climate change has resulted not only in frequent floods but also longer dry spells, which can impede the flow of water through drainage pipes. This product ensures that water or sewerage keeps moving along the pipe during such extreme weather, preventing still and stagnant water during droughts or blocked flow during heavy rainfall.”

Recent changes to Environment Agency legislation have resulted in a requirement by water companies for the inclusion of a low flow channel in all adoptable schemes.

The main application for Ridgistorm-XL Low Flow Channel is for large capacity surface water sewers or foul sewers which require a self-cleansing velocity during dry weather. During these periods, flow through the pipes tends to be extremely low, and without a low flow channel, water dissipates, resulting in a limited flow volume and velocity. The low flow channel alleviates this problem by concentrating the flow into a narrower channel, which in turn increases the flow velocity. The channel is open, allowing water to overflow when attenuation is required during higher rainfall.

Ridgistorm-XL Low Flow Channel is manufactured from Polyethylene and will be available in any stiffness classification. The pipe will be produced in 6 metre lengths as standard, although additional lengths from 1.25 metres through to 12 metres can be catered for. The channel is available in three widths – 150mm, 225mm and 300mm – to suit differing dry weather flow requirements.

Rachel Smith continued: “Ridgistorm-XL Low Flow Channel has the benefit of being produced in a quality controlled factory environment, rather than on site, which guarantees total accuracy and quality. The product is supported by shoulders made from Polyethylene, which are designed to be strong enough to withstand the weight of people walking above them, and they are produced with a smooth finish to enable hydraulic performance, which works in synergy with the Low Flow Channel itself.”

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