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Plasson launch Pushfit Universal Fitting

Posted: Monday 22nd December 2014

Plasson has launched a new line solving the connection issues on older, existing pipelines; the Plasson pushfit Universal fittings. These fittings have a wide tolerance and allow connections to a pipe of any pipe material in the ranges 14mm-18mm, 19mm -22mm and 24mm – 28mm, so Lead, Copper, Galvanised Iron, Alkathene and other pipe materials can be accommodated in one universal fitting end, the other end accepting the metric Polyethylene.

The pushfit Universal fitting is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection to any pipe; there are no adaptors and no loose components, just fit and forget. It requires the pipe to be slipped into fitting up to the stop, tighten the nut firmly with a wrench and that is all that is required to connect to an old pipeline!

These fittings join the Plasson pushfit range which was designed to be attractive but unobtrusive and above all, reliable. There are features built in that meet the demands of the professional plumber. For example, it is tamper resistant – designed to be difficult to open without tools so it is not vulnerable to unauthorised disconnection. Plasson pushfit requires no special tools to use, merely mark insertion depth on the pipe and push it in up to the mark, job done!

The full pushfit range covers 20mm to 63mm Metric Polyethylene pipes, connecting service pipes for domestic and commercial sizes in the one range. The system includes couplings, threaded fittings, tees, elbows, reducers, stopcocks and terminal fittings such as wall plate elbows for bib taps.

Where the job requires connection to domestic plumbing, Plasson pushfit meets the challenge with its unique PE to copper / PB / Pex fittings. Dedicated couplers and stopcocks are available to connect Metric PE to Copper, Polybutylene and PEX pipes, so the transition from new supply pipes to the internal plumbing system is catered for.

The Plasson pushfit and pushfit Universal are recent additions to the Plasson range which includes the world’s most popular fitting for PE - the Plasson Mechanical fitting and the biggest selling wide tolerance Universal fitting – the Plass4. We also offer our Electro-fusion range, Valves, Repair Clamps and Metering Products.

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